25 Excellent Reasons To Visit Beautiful Paris Print

Seasoned travelers who love the French capital can find unlimited delights in the City of Light. These are just a few of the best from one who has been a happy visitor many times, and plans to return again and again.

1. Getting There: Major world airlines serve Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, the most active in Europe and 8th largest in the world. Trains from throughout Europe visit Paris at all hours of the day and night, including the famed English Channel underground Chunnel train from London.

2. Parlez Vous:  Before you visit Paris, enlighten yourself with the basics of the language. My two years of high school French have helped me benefit with more friendly responses, helpful directions and enhanced experiences. 3. Soak Up History: From a prehistoric village 10,000 years ago, through Roman occupation, revolutions and wars, Paris has flourished. Today, providing a mix of classical tradition and ultra-modern originality, the beautiful city is a favorite destination of world travelers.

4. Theater: Visitors can enjoy everything from major Broadway productions to intimate bistro combos. For current happenings, go to www.parisvoice.com

5. Mingle: If you want to socialize during your visit, there are groups and events that encourage getting together. French language skill is a plus when mingling. One is www.meetup.com/cities/fr/paris

6. City For All Seasons: Many songs and stories about springtime in Paris are popular with poets and romantics. The pleasures of Paris can be enjoyed at any time of year, in bright sunshine, sudden showers, blanketing snow, romantic moonlight and intriguing fog.

7. Free Things To Do In Paris: The first Sunday of each month features no-cost admission to the Louvre, Musee d’Orsay and other historic attractions. There are also free concerts, art exhibits and street music at locations in the city, parks and along the banks of the River Seine. en.parisinfo.com

8. Hike: You can do your own wandering around the city, or sign up with a scheduled group. Check out easyhiker.co.uk/france

9. Just For Kids: Many city parks offer play areas and other features for kids. There are also family-oriented events, tours and entertainment offerings. For ideas, go to www.timeout.com/paris/.../kids.../50-things-for-kids-to-do-in-paris

10. Adults Only: Whether it’s a slightly naughty musical, tours of Pigalle or other famed Paris diversion, choices are endless. Check ‘em out at www.parislogue.com    

11. Landmarks: Just a few of the city’s must see include the Eiffel Tower, Place de la Concorde, Arch of Triumph, Notre Dame Cathedral and Napoleon’s Tomb. www.historvius.com/what-to-see-in-paris/fr283

12. Fine Arts: At the Louvre and other museums, enjoy one of the world’s most extensive collections of historic art. Walks along nearby city boulevards and the Seine River offer views straight out of paintings by Monet, Degas, Matisse, Seurat and Toulouse-Lautrec. www.paristopten.com/places-to-visit/museums

13. Parisian Parks: At green destinations, pack an épicerie fine (deli) picnic basket and enjoyed the Luxemburg or Tuileries Gardens. Stroll the Bois de Boulogne, the former royal hunting forest  .

14. Paris At Night: Start early with dinner at an elegant café, and then on to the Moulin Rouge or Opéra Garnier for an evening of Carmen or Manon. www.operadeparis.fr

15. Events: No matter what time of year, there are fairs, festivals, exhibitions, concerts and other activities to enjoy, many of them free. en.parisinfo.com/what-to-do-in-paris/not-to-be-missed

16. Cruise The Seine: There are tours on luxurious river boats, offering day and evening views of the Eiffel Tower and other bright Paris landmarks. www.viator.com/tours

17. Eerie: If the sadness of a vintage cemetery doesn’t keep you away, try a free visit to the tree- and flower-lined Père-Lachaise. Pause by final resting places of  Voltaire, Balzac, Chopin and Jim Morrison. www.pariscemeteries.com/pages/perelachaise

18. Outdoor Cafes: Pause in your tours to experience open-air social and dining scenes along the beautiful Avenue des Champs-Elysées.. Combine people-watching with a refreshing French wine apéritif, along with mini-croissants filled with jambon (ham) and truffles.

19. Street Food: While touring Paris, try some quick snacks from street vendors. We sampled everything from native French dishes to Thai, Spanish, Chinese, Italian and, of course, American.   

20. Elegant Shoppes: The Avenue des Champs-Elysée and other chic Paris streets are world famous for offering the latest in shopping styles.

21. Luxury Hotel: Spend comfortably memorable nights at the five-star Le Meurice, 228 Rue de Rivoli, 75001, Paris, France, www.dorchestercollection.com/en/paris/le-meurice. Conveniently located within walking distance of the Louvre, Tuileries Garden and Place de la Concorde, the nightly rates are from $900.

22. Via Taxi: While in Paris, take a sightseeing ride with one of the famed city cabbies. Some basic French language skills could help you learn about the latest happenings. It also assures that you’ll arrive at correct destinations within reasonable time and cost.

23. Other Wanderings: For public transportation, experience the Paris Métro, with more than four million riders a day, is one of the world’s most efficient subway systems. Included is direct service to Charles De Gaulle Airport. www.parismetro.com

24. Paris Is Safe, but.... As in many busy cities, visitors must protect themselves from pickpockets and other potential troubles. When walking in crowded areas and riding on public transportation, be aware at all times. Keep wallets, purses, cameras and smartphones secure.   

25. Preserve The Memories: Create quality photos and video, for permanent records of your exciting Paris scenes and experiences. They’ll provide fond memories to view often with family and friends. They’ll also be incentive to return again and again to bask in the City of Light.