Beverly Hills CA: Shopping Guide To Rodeo Drive Print

If you’re visiting this posh movie town’s most famous street, the prices may be just a tad beyond your budget. So, when you encounter the most expensive row of stores in the nation, you may decide to just window shop and shoot selfies. Your bank account will breathe a sigh of relief. While on Rodeo Drive, you could also see a movie or TV crew doing a scene. Many were shot on the famed street, including Pretty Woman, Beverly Hills Cop, Just Go For It and many others.

Start your roaming at the chi-chi branch of Tiffany & Co. at 210 North Rodeo Drive. What proud Beverly Hills matron would shop for jewelry anywhere else? If you’re expecting snooty salespeople there, you’ll be surprised at how friendly and helpful they actually are to the casual shopper and curious tourist.

Chanel Boutique is a two-story experience at 410 North Rodeo Drive. It’s always at the head of the fashion parade with upscale make-up, clothing, purses and large selection of Chanel’s popular fragrances and perfumes. A polite doorman makes customers and casual visitors feel like royalty or Hollywood celebrities as they enter the beautiful store.

Louis Vuitton’s Beverly Hills branch is at 295 North Rodeo Drive, and offers its super high-class merchandise for men and women. They include leather goods, clothing, watches, jewelry and a host of other items. They don’t put prices on anything, and the old quote applies: If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it.

Gucci’s Beverly Hills retail branch is at 347 North Rodeo Drive. When visiting the store or seeing Gucci’s TV and magazine ads, shoppers can realize it isn’t required that they must have the tall, slim figures of their male and female models. The clothing is upscale, designed for Hollywood stars and wannabes to show off as much flesh as possible as they slink into the latest Sunset Strip nightclub.

Bijan is at 420 North Rodeo Drive, and boasts that it’s the most expensive men’s store in the world. Tourists and casual shoppers are not actively encouraged to window shop, and customers must make an appointment in advance just to get in the door. According to store management, the average Bijan client spends as much as $30,000 per shopping visit.

Rodeo Drive and a little side street, Via Rodeo, take up just three city blocks in posh Beverly Hills. It’s reputation for attracting Hollywood stars and multi-millionaire tycoons, makes it a favorite destination of (window-shopping) tourists from around the world.