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The celebrated hotel is now closed during a three-year restoration project, and scheduled to reopen in 2020. Among the extensive plans are for part of the hotel to become condos. We can only imagine what the purchase costs will be for living in Park Avenue super luxury.

Your senior travel4seniors.com editor has fond memories of the Waldorf. A lunchtime visit during Navy service in World War 2 cost a hefty $5, plus a $1 tip. Later, after returning in 1953 from service in Korea, our aircraft carrier air group members were briefly billeted at the Naval Air Station, Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn, N.Y.

We celebrated with a weekend at the Waldorf. (Anyone remember that 1945 movie starring Lana Turner and Van Johnson?). The prices were still out of sight high. Drinks were $2, dinner $15 and rooms were $25. We can only guess what the prices will be when the Waldorf reopens, possibly up just a little bit.

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