Book a Mom-Daughter Broadway Theater Experience Print

When she was little, you both enjoyed listening to Broadway show music. When she was a teenager, you took her to local productions. Now that she’s all grown up and on her own, how about reuniting once again for a mom-daughter musical theater vacation to the real Broadway?

If you live within a quick flight, car drive or bus ride to Manhattan, the planning can be fairly simple. Check the internet, newspapers, local travel agencies and start booking theater tickets and hotel accommodations.

Scene from Alice in Wonderland


If you need a long flight to New York, consider package deals. Some offer air, hotel, city tours and theater tickets all in one deal, with variations of choices. Consider whether offered package deals are actually more economical than booking each part of your trip separately through your own research.

If your mom-daughter memories make you want to see some familiar old hits and revivals, consider Phantom of the Opera, South Pacific, West Side Story, Mamma Mia, The Lion King, Guys and Dolls and Chicago. If you’re looking for newer dramatic and musical experiences, maybe get tickets to 33 Variations, Exit the King, God of Carnage, Impressionism, Shrek the Musical and Reasons to Be Pretty.

Of course, there are many other Broadway, off-Broadway and off-off-Broadway productions to consider. It all depends on the number of days and nights you plan to spend in New York, and how many performances you want to cram into your schedule.

The most convenient way to get tickets and hotel reservations is to do it in advance through online or hometown agencies. However, if you decide to just show up in New York, book a hotel room and take your chances on theater tickets, there’s a convenient and often economical way to do it.

There are various kiosks that open about noon daily near the theater district, such as TKTS, where unsold tickets for that afternoon and evening performances go on sale. If you get lucky in line, you may be able to purchase good seats for half-price. So, if mom and daughter prefer the revived oldies and goodies that have been running awhile, chances are they’ll get to see their favorites at favorable prices.