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As usual, it starts with the same old tactics of pleading need for more money to dig for oil. Of course, the plan is to dig their dirty claws deeper into your pocket. You can expect all the crooks, including foreign oil barons, American oil companies and your friendly neighborhood gas station owner, to do the annual thievery.

It began back in the 1970s when they discovered they could fake artificial shortages and hike prices sky high to grab more loot. They also started the ever-rising inflation in our entire economy that still plagues us today.

What can senior travelers do about the current scam? Not much on the prices, but we can try personal savings actions. Walk more, share rides with neighbors, use public transportation and/or car hailing services. When it’s time to buy a new car, go partially or totally electric. And finally, although it won’t save you money, when filling up, let the greedy station owner know your anger at being robbed.

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