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As if the greedy foreign oil sheiks and their American oil company thieves need reasons to hike prices. Trump recently placed restrictions and penalties on buying Iranian crude oil. Facing more of the usual robbery at gas station pumps, ’tis the season when the most Americans get on the road and in the air for spring and summer travel.

Of course, the gas price rise will also empty travelers’ wallets in booking flights, hotels and just about everything else in our constantly inflating economy. Is there anything senior flyers and roadies can do about this year’s rising thievery? Not a hell of a lot, except maybe cancel some overpriced trips and camp out in the back yard.

When planning, daily check the internet for best prices, including where gas is cheapest along your driving route. Consider ride sharing, as well as joining group cruises, bus and train trips. And when your old gas guzzler needs to be replaced, trade it in for an all-electric car.

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