Where Can We Rent Scooters To Get Around Las Vegas? Print
Q: We’re soon having a big family reunion in Las Vegas, and we’ll be gathering from all over the U.S. and Canada. Problem is we’ve booked different hotels on the Strip. They’re not taxi-ride distances, but many of our folks are elderly and can’t easily do the long walking required to go from hotel to hotel, nor navigate the considerable walking inside the big resort hotels. Are there scooter services in Vegas, and what are the prices?
A: Walking distances in Vegas are very deceiving. In some of the newer resorts on the Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard), getting from street to entrance to front desk to sleeping room requires considerable footwork. Going from hotel to hotel, even if they are next door or across the street, can be a major hiking experience for seniors.

There are several scooter services in Vegas, and you can email them to get prices and other information: cyclease.com, sunscooterrental.com, lasvegaswheelchairs.com, LosWagesTours.com and several others. Prices range from $50 to $100 for each 24-hour period.

There are also national websites where you can inquire about scooter rentals in other cities and aboard cruise ships. We suggest you contact wheelchairgetaways.com and scootaround.com.