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A: If you’re healthy and a good talker, check the internet for one-shot and regular jobs as a travel guide. It could involve escorting senior groups on cruises, tours near your home or around the world. Some may take on only volunteer guides with no pay, but you’ll get to go for free and may include all costs.

Another idea is to dress up as a comic or historic character and get paid to pose for selfies with families on busy sidewalks as tourists stroll by. Do it for several days to pay for your travel costs. Consider Times Square in New York, the Las Vegas Strip, Hollywood Boulevard, Piccadilly Circus in London and the Colosseum in Rome.

An old friend did it on Hollywood Boulevard wearing his 50-year-old Marine Corps dress blues, and claims he made more than $200 a day, tax free. However, be aware it may be illegal in some cities, as well as physically dangerous if local gangs control tourist area sidewalks.

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