Social Media Reviews: Take With A Grain Of Salt Print

We’ve warned about some hotels, resorts, restaurants and other travel-related businesses that stuff the internet with hundreds of fake positive reviews. To entice visitors, supposedly happy customers rave about wonderful service, food and everything else.

Be aware that false online reviews can also be negative. For example, a woman recently stormed out of a high-class restaurant because she was told snapping her cellphone camera was annoying other diners. According to reports, she then went online and posted dozens of angry critiques from fake witnesses claiming the restaurant served inferior food.  

Internet sites are full of personal opinions, pro and con, sane and insane. Therefore, when planning to visit a restaurant, fly an airline, stay at a hotel, sail a cruise or research any new travel destinations, carefully read the reviews and ads.

Then, when you’re ready to choose, first check with an experienced travel agent or friend who has already been there and done that.