Senior Traveler: How To Live A Long Active Life Print

The Hollywood Reporter recently ran an article titled, How To Live Forever. It offered far-out predictions claiming some day humans can actually live as many as Methusalah’s 900 years.

Moses (currently starring in new movie, Exodus: Gods and Kings, made it to age 120. If he had a SmartPhone then, he could’ve shot a selfie of his craggy face as proof.

The long life premise includes biologically-engineered diets, digitalized exercise regimens and frequent replacement of worn-out body parts. In Hollywood there are many other medical, chemical and voodoo theories about longevity. In most cases, the intent is not necessarily to live longer, but to look younger longer.

As your editor anticipates attaining age 90 this year, decades of healthy living have resulted in a practical solution. First, simply lift your lazy butt from the couch, switch off the idiot box, pack a bag and hit the road. Along the way, exercise daily, eat lean, go easy on the booze and totally butt out smokes. There’s absolutely nothing more life-enhancing for savvy seniors than healthful travel.

You may be physically limited to daily 30-minute laps around the neighborhood on foot or bike. For the more active, it could be 30-day journeys around the world on ship, aircraft and/or car. Even if cane or wheelchair is required, as long as you’re still breathing, get out to experience everything the big wide world offers.

Check the internet daily for travel bargains and keep in constant touch with your favorite online or neighborhood travel agent. And as you plan your journeys, remember what Dylan Thomas wrote before he drank himself to death at age 38: Do not go gentle into that good night. Old age should burn and rave at close of day.