Health Survey: Seniors Should Get Up 9X Hourly? Print

That strange study on elder health came from researchers in Portugal. Because of seniors’ alleged TV obsession and just plain laziness, the claim is that we oldsters simply spend too much time doing nothing.

Along with urging us to get up every 6.67 minutes, the survey makes a bit more sense by recommending at least 30 total minutes a day of physical exercise. Here are suggestions on how to improve health by activity, even if you can only leap or creep off the couch just once or twice an hour:

1. Get out of the house daily: Maintain a morning ritual of hiking, biking, dog walking or just strolling for 30 minutes or more. In bad weather, put on boots, cap and mackinaw to trudge valiantly through rain, sleet, ice and snow.

2. For a week or more several times a year, travel solo or with a companion or group. Make busy plans to get active, whether just hiking up the street or venturing to a far-off foreign continent. Busy schedules will keep you fit and alert while experiencing interesting sights and sounds.

3. When in the airport, on a flight, riding the train or in the bus, get up frequently. It may annoy the person seated next to you, but keep active by walking the aisles, doing sit-ups and running in place.

4. Join a gym and/or swim program and other regular activities. The schedules will get you up and out to participate in classes, dance, games and other group doings.

5. Volunteer in your community. Be active in programs to feed the homeless, work with pre-schoolers, coach kid sports, participate in neighborhood clean-ups and other helpful services.

Whatever you do to stay active, just do it regularly!