Top 10 Places To Enjoy Doing Absolutely Nothing Print

Today’s active senior travelers don’t do much standing around gaping. They like to jump in on the fun of cruising, climbing, singing, dancing, hiking, swimming and whatever other actions they can find on their journeys. However, there are places and moments when just enjoying the scene is best. Here are some examples:

1. Grand Canyon AZ: Observe with pure pleasure as the setting sun unleashes its colorful palette of brilliant lights and shadows on the canyon’s mighty walls.

2. New York NY Central Park: Find a slice of quiet Americana amid the skyscrapers and bustling streets. Share a swath of green surrounded by man-made canyons, and enjoy it with joggers, kids, lovers, retirees and other wanderers.

3.Santa Monica CA: Ahnald did it. Today, that guy flexing his abs next to you on the sand may someday become the Governator of Caleefornia. Stroll along the shore, sink your toes in the warm sand, splash the surf and feed the sea gulls. 4. Paris, France: Linger at a sunny sidewalk café on le Champs de Elysee. Sip an aperatif as people strut by, and watch the taxicabs dash noisily up and down the street toward le Arc de Triomphe.

5. Acapulco, Mexico: Try a tequila punch while you watch divers soar gracefully from the high rocks into the blue Gulf of Mexico waters a hundred feet below.

6. Waikiki Beach HI: View early morning surfers as they challenge the waves, gleaming bodies lit by the rising sun. See them speed expertly toward shore in a cloud of white-topped waves.

7. Hollywood CA: Mann’s Theater: Step into the concrete shoe impressions of Gary Cooper, Douglas Fairbanks, Marilyn Monroe and other stars of yesteryear. Mingle with costumed street people who seek hand-outs to pose for tourists’ smartphone cameras. Have your photo taken with a fake Elvis, shabby Chaplin or Batman wanna-be.

8. London, UK Hyde Park: On a nice warm Sunday afternoon, join the crowds as speakers on virtual or real soapboxes loudly offer to solve all the political, social and economic problems of the world.

9. Las Vegas NV: Marvel at the Fremont Street Experience at night. It’s a huge, five-block canopy of brilliantly animated light, video and sound displays towering 80 feet above thousands of awed onlookers.

10. San Francisco CA Grant Avenue: Get some firecrackers and join the Chinese holiday parade led by Gum Lung. At more than 230 feet, it’s the longest dragon ever to march through the city’s famed Chinatown. Then enjoy an authentic Asian dinner with local families at a cozy restaurant.