What To Pack For Your Visit To Las Vegas Print

What you take to Sin City depends on what you plan to do there. If  attending a formal or semi-formal wedding at a big church or major resort, you'll have to lug a suitcase stuffed with traditional clothing. You'll need it for the ceremony, as well as for social activities involved.

For women, a dress or pants suit and shoes for dress-up events. For men, a suit and/or sports coat with trousers, shirts, ties and leather shoes. If the schedule is for more than two days and nights, consider taking another outfit. When there are no organized meals, business meetings or social activities, wear informal, comfortable clothing. Casual dresses, slacks, light jackets for evenings outside and in air-conditioned casinos. Vegas daytime weather is brutally hot in the summer, but cools down quickly at night.

Although every building in Vegas seems to be right next door to all the others, going through large hotel hallways, visiting hotels across the street and strolling the Strip require comfortable walking shoes.

If you swim and/or sun, take a swim suit, and sandals. Vegas also has several secluded hotel pool areas where the rule is clothing optional. If you barely spend your sun and swim time there, you don't need anything extra in your suitcase.

Up to the mid-1960s, Sin City was a much more formal place. People wore casual during the day, although not as casual as now. Dining, dancing and entertainment in the evening always required dress up. Women wore gowns and furs, while men sported suits and ties. Tuxedos were often seen at major entertainment events.

When Frank Sinatra and his Rat Pack ruled the town, the first version of "Oceans Eleven" was filmed in Vegas in 1960. In evening scenes, Sinatra and Lawford wore tuxes. Shirley McLaine, even in her bit part as a drunk, was in an evening gown and fur wrap. Today you won’t see fur in Vegas except on top of some hairy entertainers.

Unless attending a reunion, wedding or other dress-up event, don't lug along useless weight when packing. First, put out all the clothing you'll need on a bed. Then take half of it out and leave it behind. You’ll never, ever say in today’s Vegas, "Gee, we didn't bring enough clothing!"

Take only wheeled carry-ons that fit in the aircraft overhead, with backpacks that fit under the seat. In the months before your trip, set aside some worn stuff almost ready for the scrap heap, including underwear, socks, shirts, dresses, skirts, trousers, jackets and other old clothing. Then, pack it all in the suitcases.

Wear the old clothing once during your trip, then toss it. You won't have to wash anything, and carry-ons are lighter when you return home. Except, of course, for all the cash you won gambling that will fill up your bags!