Five Ways To Steer Clear Of Road Rage Print

When someone cuts you off in traffic, takes crazy chances on the highway or honks at you for being a slow-driving senior, angry responses won't help. Here are some tips that could prevent road rage:

1. Always consider your safety and the safety of those in your car the first priority. No matter what else is happening on the road, stay calm and alert. Avoid any potential danger, especially if other drivers ignorantly or deliberately cause danger.

2. It's natural to become angry when you observe drivers making dangerous moves. If you feel your anger is turning into revenge or get-even action, take a moment to calm down. When cut off on the highway or street, it isn't worth your safety to get back at the offender by racing ahead, and doing the same dangerous maneuver just for the satisfaction of your bruised ego. 3. If you observe drivers making high-speed or other dangerous moves on the highway, it isn't your duty to enforce the law. Don’t endanger yourself by taking road rage or any other foolish action against them.

Pull over and call 911 immediately to report the scene and location. Your self control and quick action could save lives, including those in the dangerous cars.

4. When teaching teens to drive, cover the subject of road rage thoroughly and often. It’s natural for newly-licensed kids to take chances. They’re the most likely to show off on the road. It can become lethal when they get angry enough with other drivers to take life-threatening actions.

Today's new drivers are also greatly influenced by movies and TV programs about driving, from the roaring scenes at high-speed race tracks to teen movies that glorify dangerous street racing. School driving classes are very helpful, but the most responsibility to teach and constantly monitor safe and sane driving is with parents.

5. If you find yourself giving in to personal road rage frequently, consider enrolling in anger-management courses. There are also voluntary school- and police-sponsored classes available for drivers who want to become safer and more responsible on the road.