Sr Stay Choices: Private House or Hotel Room? Print

In popular vacation areas, including Florida, California, Nevada, Hawaii and elsewhere, home and condo owners need income, and their rental offers may be great bargains.

On your next vacation trip, would you rather spend it in a private home or apartment instead of a hotel? Of course, you won’t get daily maid service, breakfast in bed nor have a choice of three or four restaurants just downstairs. However, some advantages of renting a private residence, such as offered by, may be worth considering. Price comparisons. In San Francisco, a typical upscale hotel room costs $400 a day. Great service, nice pool and two people can be comfortable in the room. Views of the city and Bay from top floors are fabulous. Entertainment and shopping are within walking, cable car or short cab ride.

Instead, just down the street, you can rent a two-bedroom apartment in a modern, high-rise condo at $50 a night. Same citywide views, and you can enjoy them outside on your apartment’s private patio balcony. No busy, noisy hotel lobbies and hallways to contend with. Shopping and entertainment are also within walking, cable car or short taxi ride away.

In the condo, instead of paying $70 per person for dinner in a posh hotel restaurant, you can buy the same ingredients at a local grocery for $30 or less (no tips required), and cook them in the kitchen. Instead of waiting in line to get seated in a noisy, pricey restaurant, you can have quiet meals in privacy by the backyard pool. Also, many San Francisco restaurants deliver complete meals promptly to your door at competitive prices.

Because the typical upscale condo or private home has at least two bedrooms, two baths, two TV sets and a living room, it can sleep up to six people comfortably. And you won’t bump into each other when moving around in the spacious, homelike residence. 

Would you give up the convenience of a hotel, won’t enjoy making your own bed and cleaning up? Talk to family and friends who’ve tried the private residence rental experience. Get online and check out info, photos and ads offering individual rentals in the area or city where you’d like to travel. One of the most popular and extensive services is