City Walks Add Good Health & Years To Senior Life Print

When in big cities, stay active. Instead of grabbing buses and taxis, go on foot if your destination is just a mile or two away. According to university studies, as well as fresh air, it adds years to your life and strength to your heart.

For example, in Paris, take a one-hour stroll along the beautiful banks of the Seine. In New York, hike through Central Park in early morning. In famed Italian canal city, skip the Venetian gondola rides and hike over the Rialto Bridge and around San Marco Square.

Take the Royal Route in Prague, from Prasna Brana, an original gate into the old city, to Celetna Street. In Tokyo, roam Shinjuku Goyoen National Gardens, walk briskly past the ponds, pagodas and cherry trees. For good health, get out there and hike!