Will Airlines Ever Run Out Of Varieties Of Seat Names? Print

It seems almost every day, they come up with new names for seats, from extra grossly overpriced luxury to premium economy to super-cheap steerage. We guess some of the names can be interpreted by the amount of space the passenger has in the seat.

That means the cheapest economy seat has barely enough room to place your bottom and legs, and you're often sardined between two 500-pound seat mates. The only flight attendants you’ll see is one sneering at you while passing by. Of course, the most expensive is in a private booth, with a wide seat that folds into a luxury bed with giant TV screen and friendly attendant.

When booking your next flight, be sure to review all the seat choices, descriptions and, of course, prices. If your journey is less than two hours long, and you’re on a budget, you may be able to survive crowded among the other peasants in the cheapest seats.