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Remember way back when we seasoned citizens did holiday travel during younger days? We sang over the river and through the woods, to grandmother's house we go. If we drove, gas prices were $1 a gallon. If we flew, round trip tickets were $100. 

These days, if grandma lives on the other coast, we’ll need to book very expensive flights to get to her turkey dinner. Of course, because of the heavy seasonal demand, airlines will jack up already-inflated ticket prices to the highest ever. As impossible as it may seem, there are ways senior travelers can avoid some of the extra costs.

First, choose to stay home. Have your holiday celebration with grandma and other relatives around the nation by Skype live faces together on smartphones and laptops. If you fly, consider late night red eye schedules, when prices, road traffic and airport crowds are smaller.

If you’ll be traveling with family or other large group, don’t pay big bucks for overpriced hotel rooms for just those few nights. Rent a luxury Airbnb house, where there are private bedrooms, parlors, kitchens, and lots of roaming space for all at much lower costs.

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