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For Better Prices, Book Your Holiday Travel ASAP PDF Print E-mail

Did you happen to notice that travel ads are already sneaking up on to your TV and smartphone screens? Meanwhile, greedy airlines and hotels are about to gleefully hike prices for the Thanksgiving and Christmas travel rush.

For Thanksgiving flights, ticket prices start to rise after Monday, November 25, and may be slightly lower on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. For Christmas Day and New Year’s Day week flights, the same applies. When everyone else is around the tree and/or boozing on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and Christmas Day, flight and hotel ticket prices are less.

When holiday booking early, be flexible in timing for best deals, such as red-eye flights. Check all potential added charges, including those for carry-on and checked luggage, as well as seat choices. That extra-legroom seat could cost you $100 just to be able to stretch out during your short holiday hop.

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