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Salzburg, Austria: Whip Up A Good Holiday On Krampus PDF Print E-mail

The town is on the German border, about two hours from Munich. Join in on the crazy fun at Salzburg’s Krampus, starting December 6, St. Nicholas Day. See the many fearsome Krampus, dressed in goatskins and horned masks, waving noisy cowbells.

They stalk the streets in packs with flaming torches and whips, thrashing the legs of locals and tourists. There are many colorful city parades, music, along with open shops and restaurants. Tourists will have a lashing good time ! For more details, go to salzburg.info

New York NY: Spiffier Times Square Welcomes Visitors PDF Print E-mail

With more than 39 million people wandering annually through, the famed destination now sparkles after a major clean-up. Times Square is more like a realistic theme park version of how Disney would do New York.

So, if your travel plans include that popular spot on the Big Apple, you’ll enjoy the beautiful sky-high sights, neon lights, theaters, restaurants, street musicians and much more. Of course, the most popular and crowded time of year is during the late day and night before New Year’s Eve, with more than two million people jammed into the space. Chilly February is the least busy month at Times Square, with only about 250,000 visitors per day.

Hollywood Sign: Popular Senior Travel Destination PDF Print E-mail

If your wanderings take you to the Los Angeles area, you’ll probably want to find your way up the hills to snap a photo of the famed sign above the movie capital. Your trave4seniors.com editor shot this telephoto one recently from a rooftop.

There are ways to get close-up photos of the sign, including selfies, but also many restrictions. For suggestions, find online sites that give directions. For example, check with blog.jeffersongraham.com/photowalk-hollywood-sign/hollywood-sign-photowalk-how-to-get-the-elusive-shot

Amsterdam, Holland: Be Enlightened At The Light Festival PDF Print E-mail

If your travels take you to the festive city at any time, especially nights, between November 28 through to January 19, 2020, enjoy the holiday event. Many areas of the city center are decorated by groups of creative electricity artists from around the world. For schedules, prices and other info, go to amsterdamlightfestival.com

Knotts Berry Farm: Free Admission To Active Military & Vets PDF Print E-mail

The famed amusement park is in Buena Park, about a 20-minute drive from Los Angeles. If a vet and your travels alone or with family take you the area, consider spending a free fun day. You’ll enjoy roller coasters, river floats, entertainment, kids’ programs, food and many other features. Entry is free for vets from November 3 to 21, and December 2 to 19. For more info, go to www.knotts.com


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