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Seattle WA: Enjoy All The Fun Features At Pike Place Market PDF Print E-mail

Established in 1907, the riverside gathering brought fresh farm produce for city residents. It continues to grow with hundreds of retailers, including bakeries, fresh meat shops, produce stands, crafts and home furnishings. Also bakeries, fish markets, produce stands and specialty food stores.

A favorite of locals and tourists, Pike Place continues to offer fresh foods, as well as scheduled daily and nightly entertainment events, cooking classes and many other attractions. For more info, go to pikeplacemarket.org

Amsterdam, Holland: Keukenhof Tulip Festival PDF Print E-mail

The famed Keukenhof Gardens are open from March 21 thru May 19 this year. If your springtime travel plans includes the Netherlands, be sure to put this beautiful experience on your list.

Your travel4seniors.com editor had the pleasure several years ago. We happily arrived on the last day of March, just when tulips in the gardens and nearby landscapes had burst into blossom. The 2019 theme is Flower Power, and when you’re surrounded by millions of red, orange, purple, yellow, white and blue blossoms, you’ll get the powerful message. For daily schedules, events, entry fees and other info, go to tulipfestivalamsterdam.com/keukenhof

Hollywood CA: Stagger Through The Museum of Death PDF Print E-mail

It’s right on the busy tourist path of Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame. If you like such gruesome subjects, it features morgue photos and videos of famous dead people and infamous crime scenes.

When visiting, enjoy the exhibits, but except for special promotions, selfies nor other photos are permitted in the museum. Admission is $17, and for info on special events, visiting hours and other data, go to www.museumofdeath.net

Dubai International Airport Claims It’s World’s Busiest PDF Print E-mail

If you’ve ever been wandering thru airports in New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai and London, you may not agree with the Dubai boast. However, it is one of the world’s busiest for international travel. With the record of almost 90 million passengers in 2018, you’ll have to agree Dubai is very popular.

Officially, Dubai International hosts 75 airlines that fly to destinations throughout the world. From the airport and nearby along with the Persian Gulf and Middle Eastern desert, visitors can enjoy many dining, sightseeing, shopping and other activities. They include everything from skyscrapers to swimming to mountain ski runs. www.dubai-international-airport.com

New York NY: Where Newly-Arrived Immigrants Struggled PDF Print E-mail

Today’s news is full of stories of poor families crossing US borders. It brings back memories of similar hardships more than a century ago. The Tenement Museum on 103 Orchard Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan tells the story.

It portrays the life of poverty, large families living in small ghetto rooms, racial prejudice and daily efforts to survive. The museum exhibits furniture, clothing and other authentic items of the era. Visitors are greeted by guides dressed as immigrants to explore the buildings and surrounding neighborhood where it all happened from the 1890s through the 1920s. For tickets and other info, go to www.tenement.org


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