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Just Retired, Our Kids Gave Us A Free Week In New York City PDF Print E-mail

Q: It’s very generous and cost a lot of money, but the trip scares us. We’ve always been small-town folk and need some advice. What do you recommend? LRK, Canadensis PA

A: NYC can be both enjoyable and scary. Keep checking websites about the current city scene, both positive and negative. Of course, the best warning for seniors is always to stay in well-lighted areas at night, including Broadway, Times Square and theater district. Also keep wallets in buttoned down or zipped front pockets, and purses strapped and held securely under an arm.

OK to point your camera and smartphone to record NYC adventures, but be aware especially at Times Square where costumed characters and musicians hang out. If you pose with any, they’ll expect $5 or more. Legally, you don’t have to pay, but they’re there to make quick bucks and will plead if you walk away. Don’t buy overpriced CDs, DVDs or other street peddler products. They may be blank, defective or contain bad copies. Whatever your concerns, relax and enjoy the fascinating city!

Q: Unwanted Advances In Flight: What To Do About It? PDF Print E-mail

It seems almost every day lately we read about more incidents where women passengers are mauled by sneaky guys seated next to them. What should we do when it happens? Ms. FWMcL, Tampa FL

A: If it’s just too-friendly conversation and you don’t want it, offer a few polite words and concentrate on the seat TV or your smart phone. If his talk offends you and it becomes physical, clearly demand him to stop. Then leave your seat to contact the flight attendant. State the problem and ask for another seat. If the abuse was physical, file a formal complaint with the airline and/or report it to airport police after the flight.

Q: Where In Airports Are Seniors Vulnerable To Thieves? PDF Print E-mail

We don’t fly often, but every time we plan to go, younger family members keep warning us about getting stuff stolen. Suggestions? MTL, Troy NY

A: It could happen just about everywhere in the airport, especially hand-held items and carry-on bags. When walking and sitting in the waiting area, make sure bags are strapped to an arm. At check in, when open carry-on bags are on the conveyer belt, keep your eyes constantly on them. After landing and waiting for checked bags, follow all arriving bags on the carousel to take yours quickly on the first turn. Best advice: Travel light with just a carry-on, and wear a jacket with many pockets.

Time Travel: I’m Ready To Go When It Becomes Possible PDF Print E-mail

Now that your travel4seniors.com editor is in my 90s, I often think about the possibilities of time travel. When and where would I choose if I could do it with the knowledge I have now? Let’s just a consider a few of the options:

Garden of Eden lunch with Adam and Eve, followed by apple pie dessert.
Enjoy a river cruise on the Nile with Cleo and Julie.
Cross the Alps with Hannibal while enjoying the elephant ride.
Sail with Chris Columbus and be the first to shout, “Land ho!”

Cross the Delaware with Washington, then to an Atlantic City casino.
With Lincoln at Gettysburg, followed by a fab Pennsylvania Dutch lunch.

Hey, senior wanderer: If you could go back and choose some exciting historical, what would you choose?

Caution: Scamming Via Internet Is Big Business PDF Print E-mail

And it gets bigger all the time as suckers continue to fall for increasingly more sophisticated rip-offs. Of course, there is considerable dishonesty in the travel business. For example, many of today’s legit ads on TV and internet are also untrue, i.e. $99.99 flights, cash-back car sales, lawyers and miracle drugs.

However, the worst of them simply steal your money, and many seniors fall for the scam. When you receive a phone call or an email about winning a sweepstakes offering an all-expenses-paid vacation package, it’s always phony. Promising you free trip to Las Vegas, Hawaii or cruising the Caribbean sounds fantastic. But, before you respond, do some reality thinking. How could you win a sweepstakes you didn’t enter?


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