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Las Vegas NV: Find Temporary Or Everlasting Love PDF Print E-mail

Whether for senior adults or adultery, Sin City is certainly one of the steamiest hotspots in the world. If it's romance you're looking for, Las Vegas has an unending supply of it, both pure and profane.

For entertainment, there's is every kind to showbiz experience, from a dozen Broadway-quality productions up and down the famed Strip to intimate little music clubs. There are more quality restaurants within walking distance in Vegas than in Beverly Hills and Broadway combined.

Santa Monica CA: Two Major US Highways End Here PDF Print E-mail

Are you old enough to remember singer Bobby Troup’s song, “Route 66”, introduced 70 years ago in 1946? You can still get your kicks on that popular highway, but the lyrics are not quite correct. They say, “Well, it winds from Chicago to L.A.”

Actually, it does wind more than 2,400 miles from Chicago to L.A.. But it doesn’t end there. Route 66 continues another 15.7 miles to the Pacific Ocean beach at Santa Monica, California.

Another cross-country highway, Route I-10, takes a more southern route, and goes the 2,400 miles from Jacksonville, Florida, to Santa Monica.

Cruise Lines Target Seasoned Travelers PDF Print E-mail

Traditionally cruise lines have always geared many of their programs for seniors. We’re their major source for customers. We’re constantly offered choices for cruise destinations and onboard themes, and it’s worthwhile to study them all to find the best deals.

Cruise lines have special theme and social group cruises. For example, there are onboard features to include everyone from toddlers to grandparents. If that’s your situation, you may want those with similar lifestyles. For example, consider cruise themes of classic films, pop music, drama, history and many other interests.

Cross Country Trip: OK To Drive Instead Of Fly? PDF Print E-mail

Q: My spouse and I are considering driving round trip from San Francisco to visit relatives in Cleveland. If we fly, with parking, security and plane changes, it would take at least 14 hours each way, and cost for two is $3,000 or more round trip.

If we drive straight through, our cost for gas and food will be about $500 total. Taking turns at the wheel, we hope to make the drive in about 20 hours each way. When much younger, we did cross-country driving several times, but are now in our late 60s. Is it a good idea at our age?  MRMcL, San Francisco CA

Washington DC: Best Places For Sr Joggers And Hikers PDF Print E-mail

Generally, find parks and other areas that don’t involve too much crossing of busy streets, especially if you’re out during heavy drive times.

For example, start at the National Mall, where you can run the two miles around the perimeter from the Capitol steps to the Lincoln Memorial. Or ventune into the Reflecting Pool area where there are always interesting events, such as political rallies, exercise classes and school groups.

You can jog past DuPont Circle and up Embassy Row from Massachusetts Avenue, observing the stately lines of elegant buildings and imagine all the political intrigue and posh social events you'll never get to see. If you happen to jog around the Capital Hill area on a Saturday or Sunday, you may see the outdoor street marketers offering fresh veggies, baked goods and old family heirlooms.


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