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Berlin, Germany: Tempelhof May Become Haus Der Katzen PDF Print E-mail

The historic airport, closed for more than ten years, may soon see more kinds of flighty activities. Tempelhof was infamous in the 1930s as the favorite travel facility for Adolf Hitler and his Nazi pals.

Immediately after World War 2 in the late 1940s, Tempelhof honorably served as the daily relief source, known as the Berlin Airlift. The defeated Germans were starving due to Russian forbidding food trucks from entering the city. So American and British aircraft flew over daily. They dropped tons of food and other supplies.

Recently, a group of horny German business entrepreneurs has asked permission to use the long-closed airport as a brothel. Does that inspire some familiar aviation quotations? For instance, the sexy flight attendant asks: coffee, tea or me? Also: Expect lots of turbulence, so hooker up your seat belts! Or, guys, make sure everything on you is in the full upright position.

Washington DC: Monument To Welcome Visitors Again PDF Print E-mail

The famed tourist attraction named for the nation’s first president, was closed for many months for major upgrades and security improvements. It's now scheduled to reopen on September 19.

I still have long ago memories about the first time I saw the Washington Monument. It was during my high school senior class trip to the nation’s capital in mid-December 1941. We were there just a week after the Japanese sneak bombing of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

The city was in a hysterical panic because there was growing fear that the next attack would be on Washington. We saw armed guards at the city’s major buildings, all wearing World War 1 uniforms and helmets. I was 16 then, and a few months later joined the Navy. Incidentally, after the Army got better helmets and other equipment, we eventually won World War II.

Are You Planning To Invade Area 51 In Nevada? PDF Print E-mail

The government has denied permission for gathering of space-enthused celebrants at the actual Area 51, an official military base. Therefore, the so-called Alienstock (in tribute to Woodstock) Festival is scheduled to happen in tiny Rachel, Nevada, the closest town. It sits on State Route 375, nicknamed the Extraterrestrial Highway.

Alienstock will start on Friday, September 20 and end at noon Sunday, September 22. Scheduled are alien costumes, music, entertainment, food and drink stands. Admission is free, but attendees are urged to make volunteer contributions to continue Alienstock efforts at space exploration, world peace and harmony.

So far, there have been no predictions of appearances at the festival of actual extraterrestrial visitors nor spaced-out politicians.

Hong Kong Protesters Cause Airport Shutdown PDF Print E-mail

They’re mad as hell at those Commie bosses, so they disrupt one of the world’s busiest airports. Their actions will hurt many thousands of innocent travelers, but they’ll get lots of publicity. The current Hong Kong situation reminds me of childhood days in Philadelphia.

Many years ago at mid-December almost annually, city transportation workers demanded more pay. If they didn’t get it, they threatened to shut down the system during Christmas season. Of course, it didn’t affect their overpaid bosses, but they hurt city families and retailers. No buses, streetcars nor subways would be running at the busiest time of year.

Of course, all workers deserve fair pay and/or fair working conditions by their overpaid business and political bosses. But if they don’t get what they demand, is it right to deliberately hurt innocent people, such as thousands of Hong Kong airline passengers?

Barcelona, Spain: OK To Swim Topless At City Pools & Beaches PDF Print E-mail

Hey, wandering dirty old men: If Barcelona is on your upcoming travel schedule, don’t be the last one into the pool! The city rules now allow women in local swim centers without bathing suit tops. The law also applies to the city’s beaches, which may cause even more serious eye-strain problems to older male tourist bathers.


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