San Francisco: Hotel Nikko Is Kind To Our Four-Footed Friends PDF Print E-mail

When planning overnighter drives and flights with your pet, research onlline first to find a hotel/resort/motel that allows them. Then, when checking in, find out all the services and extra costs involved for your pet.

In some situations you may be required to keep your pet in a hotel kennel during your stay. Also, there may be added fees for pet services. On the bright side, there may be special activities provided to make your stay more enjoyable for both you and your furry companion.

For example, if your visit will be in downtown San Francisco, consider Hotel Nikko. First, there’s an official canine welcomer named Buster. For $10 a night your pet gets a doggie bed, toys, tennis ball, food bowl and leash. For more info, go to www.hotelnikkosf.com/pet-friendly-hotel

Los Angeles Airport: Take City Tour From LAX To Relax PDF Print E-mail

Many senior travelers must wait hours at LAX for connecting flights across the Pacific to Asia. They have a choice to spend many hours trying to find a quiet spot in the busy airport or enjoy a tour.

If your layover at LAX will be five hours or more, consider lacitytours.com. The cost is about $100. It includes strolling the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Santa Monica beach scenes and up the hills to the Hollywood sign. There’s also a visit and lunch stop at the city’s historic Farmers Market. For more info and booking, check the website.

Women Fliers: Watch Out For Upskirt Foto Freaks PDF Print E-mail

For some reason, in addition to the increase in nutcase mass shootings, there are more and more news stories of other drooling idiots. They creep and crouch around to sneak snarky foto snaps.

They target women in dresses in airports, aboard flights and in busy malls. If it happens to you or a companion, don’t endanger your safety by confronting or taking a photo of the offender. Immediately report the incident to security or police.

Hmmmm, so on a future visit to Scotland, should your travel4seniors.com editor be extra careful of where I point my camera?

Need Room Now At Budget Price: Try HotelTonight.Com PDF Print E-mail

It happens often to wandering seniors. Your cruise sails tomorrow, but you’ve hit port a day early and need a place to sleep. Or you’ve arrived for your daughter’s family reunion, but all beds and sofas in the house are already full of relatives. You ponder: a hotel room will help me make it thru the night.

The answer is to go thru websites advertising last-minute hotel room availability in the area at a fair price. One is HotelTonight.com, offering choices of everything from shared hostel rooms to top-floor resort suites.

Never Give Personal Financial Info To Unfamiliar Travel Websites PDF Print E-mail

With the ever-increasing sophistication of computers, it’s now easier for crooks to imitate legitimate travel-related websites to raid individual credit cards and bank accounts .

When booking your trip with travel agencies, airlines, cruise lines, hotels and other travel websites, be absolutely sure you’re dealing with the real sources. Further, it makes good financial safety sense to totally ignore all unsolicited travel-related phone calls and online pitches. www.usatoday.com/story/travel/airline-news/2019/08/05/fake-travel-sites-scam-consumers


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