HotelTonight App Lists European Bargains For August PDF Print E-mail

With hotel prices skyrocketing during the busy summer season, most advertised deals seem too good to be true. So, before you book one of the bargains, make sure the quoted low, low prices don’t get grossly inflated with taxes, extra fees and other sneaky add-ons. Consider some of HotelTongiht listed prices: Berlin $103, Madrid $81, Paris $112 and London $130. www.hoteltonight.com

Be Aware Of Airline Add-On Fees: The Spirit Is Willing, But… PDF Print E-mail

Savvy senior fliers know airline bargain ads are full of fibs. The typical blab may offer New York to Miami for just $199.99 round trip. Wow, gee, what a bargain, and the flight costs less than $200!

Of course, when you see the bill, the actual out-of-your-pocket and in-your-face ticket charge is more likely $250. Piled on will be taxes, carry-on bag fees, preferred seating and other charges that hike the real ticket cost, as well as the airline’s income.   

According to a report by USA Today, listed are the typical passenger add-on fees per ticket by some airlines: Spirit $51, WOW Air $49, Allegiant $49, Frontier $48, Jet2.com, $43, Qantas Airways: $43, United $39, AirAsia X $33, HK Express $33 and Wizz Air $31.

Amsterdam, Holland: Be Aware Of After-Dark Dangers PDF Print E-mail

In daylight, the Dutch capital is a vibrant, friendly, safe and attractive destination. Unfortunately, after the sun sets, like too many world cities today, danger roams the streets. With its famous Red Light district and infamous legal drug culture, night time Amsterdam can be hazardous to tourists.

If your senior travel plans include being in the city after dark, take sensible steps to protect yourself from potential danger. Go with at least one physically-fit companion, preferably with a tour group. Walk on well-lighted, busy sidewalks. If you hear or see a noisy group of people, especially an organized street demonstration, get to a safe place quickly.

Rules For Survival When Flying In The Cheapest Seats PDF Print E-mail

Stuffed in between two fat guys, bring an inflatable cushion. Don’t open your laptop on the little table. The guy in front will lean back and smoosh your kneecaps! Hope seatmates recently showered, didn't smoke cigars, eat beans nor garlic. If your smartphone doesn’t soothe you during the flight, cross arms, close eyes, sit quietly and murmur ummmm a thousand times.

Frank Sinatra Sings At The Brooklyn Bridge PDF Print E-mail

Anyone remember the 1947 movie, It Happened In Brooklyn? Sinatra portrayed a soldier returning home after World War 2. His co-star was the venerable Jimmy Durante. 

The Brooklyn Bridge is a 150-year-old New York City suspension structure in Manhattan that crosses over the East River into Brooklyn. Next time you visit the area, walk, drive, scoot and/or selfie across the span with smartphone camera clicking as you experience the beautiful views. Maybe along the way, you’ll sing the Sinatra song:

You’ll miss her most when you roam,
'Cause you'll think of her and think of home,
The good old Brooklyn Bridge.


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