Senior Survey: Your Favorite Overseas Airport PDF Print E-mail

Of course, when schedules get messed up, any terminal can become a frustrating scene of delays, cancellations, angry crowds and ear-splitting noise. However, on those rare occasions when everything goes well, some international airports are actually pleasant places to hang out.

Consider recent responses from experienced traveling seniors report on their preferences. Here are the top five outside the USA for this year, not necessarily in rank order:

Schiphol, Amsterdam: Free museum and art gallery.
Hong Kong: Who wants to sit when there’s a nine-hole golf course?
Singapore Changi: Soak tired senior bones in the rooftop pool.
Munich: How could you not like an airport biergarten?
London Heathrow: English pubs, frequent live concerts.

Seniors Vote: Fave Five Travel Movies Of All Time PDF Print E-mail

Here are old movie choices from a panel of world-wandering seniors who firmly believe they just don’t make ‘em like they used to:

Wizard of Oz (1939): We never stop hoping to find that perfect land somewhere over the rainbow. Judy, Toto and her traveling pals still live in our dreams.

My Top Five Favorite Travel Movies of All Time PDF Print E-mail

As a world traveler, your travel4seniors.com editor constantly looks forward to new destinations and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Often I get travel ideas from movies, some because they're classics and others just for the fun of it. Here are my favorite five films featuring travel:

Around the World in 80 Days (1956): Based on the Jules Verne book, via balloon, ship, and land from London, this Oscar-winning journey visited France, Spain, Tokyo, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, and America. It's still a thrilling adventure and always gets me in the mood to travel.

The movie stars David Niven, Cantinflas and Shirley McLaine, with Frank Sinatra and many other major stars of the era popping up in cameo roles. Another version of the same story, starring Jackie Chan, was released in 2004.

Five Favorite Indian Casinos in Southern Calfornia PDF Print E-mail

Guest Senior Gambler Art McT., Encino CA: My first casino experience was in 1954, just after coming home from the Korean War. For more than 60 years I enjoyed Nevada casinos, particularly Las Vegas.

Then, since retiring to Los Angeles, I now prefer Native American casinos. My favorite is the Morongo Casino Resort, about a 90-minute drive west on Highway 10. Today’s Indian casino resorts in Southern California compete with Las Vegas in terms of gaming, facilities and luxury.

At Morongo, they have excellent rooms, fine dining, resort pool, name entertainers, all at half the distance from Las Vegas. For me, it's perfect as I'm no longer able (or willing) to handle the physical requirements of a five-hour car drive or the hassles of airports and flights.

Lancaster PA: Our Pennsylvnia Dutch Memories PDF Print E-mail

Senior travel correspondent PJK, Trenton NJ: We have a special connection to the Amish community in Pennsylvania. Exactly a half-century ago, in June 1966, we honeymooned there, about 100 miles west of Philadelphia. We checked into the Amish-named Foodergong Inn. It no longer exists, except in our memories.

It proved to be very comfy and clean. The hotel restaurant, of course, offered genuine Amish food. If fatty meats, butter-loaded potato dishes, heavy breads and family-style serving elbow-to-elbow at ten-person tables is considered cool, then we ate Amish. Additionally, throughout our week in Pennsylvania Dutch country, we found many other restaurants with wonderful, genuine Amish food and loaded up on it.


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