Hungry While You Wait? Food Delivery To You At The Gate

With all kinds of fresh-cooked meals fast delivery services to your home popping up, it was only a matter of time when they’d begin at airports. Now available for passengers and employees are freshly-prepared meals delivered to them pronto anywhere in the airport. For more info, go to www.usatoday.com/story/travel/flights/todayinthesky/2018/02/12/take-out-your-airport-gate-start-ups-look-deliver/328393002/

Grand Canyon AZ: Best Time To Visit Nature’s Beauty PDF Print E-mail

As autumn fades, so do the heavy crowds at this popular destination. Head for the South Rim, where camping, lodging and food are most convenient. Hike along the crest for the world’s most spectacular natural views ranging down a mile to the desert and shores of the Colorado River. Mule rides are very popular and must be booked months ahead, but there are plenty of other activities and sights to enjoy. For current info, go to www.thecanyon.com/visitor-information

Q: In Cheap Seats: Must Check Or Not Check Carry-On Bags? PDF Print E-mail

Lately, whenever I buy airline tickets, the rules seem to change. I always fly economy and over the years was permitted to take a small carry-on without extra charges. Now, many charge for carry-ons, and airlines keep adding fees to make flying more and more expensive. What can I do to keep my ticket prices down? Mrs. FLMcB, Quincy MA

A: The best way to keep up on extra charges is to connect with a local travel agent you can trust to find the best deals. Also, before buying your ticket, keep scanning the internet for seasonal specials and other airline price-reduction promotions. Also, to avoid checking suitcases, travel lighter with a small carry-on and wear a coat with large outer and inner pockets for stuffing as many items as possible.

Express Your Appreciation After Enjoying A Good Meal PDF Print E-mail

Whether it’s from a quaint street food cart next to the Venice Canal or the most luxurious restaurant along a Parisian boulevard, offer some kind words. Follow up enjoyable dining experiences by expressing your sincere thanks to those who prepared and served you.

Creating the food is a 24-7 task for owner families and staff in a very competitive world. Beyond the money you pay, your favorable comments can continue their pride of knowing they’ve succeeded in their everyday efforts.

Hawaiian And Mexican Dolls Dance On The Dashboard PDF Print E-mail

¥our travel4seniors.com editor pointed my nosy camera through the side window of a tourist bus on historic Olvera Street in downtown Los Angeles. Result: photo of the very colorful ethnic dashboard collections and surrounding reflections.

Passenger Cyber Faces Are Future IDs In Airport Security PDF Print E-mail

According to CNN, soon you’ll be able to go through the check-in line without paper ID and pass, then board your flight with no hassle. Your face will be pre-scanned as a permanent on-line ID by computer. 

Meanwhile, until that futuristic miracle happens, make boarding flights as hassle-free as possible. Have all the necessary documents ready to show at check-in. And don’t try to go aboard with an emotional support squirrel.


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