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Website maxim.com lists the ten: Luis Muñoz Marín Puerto Rico, Houston Hobby, Cleveland Hopkins, Armstrong New Orleans, Laguardia NYC, SW Florida Ft. Myers, Detroit Wayne County, Ft. Lauderdale FL, Orlando FL and Chicago Midway.

Reasons for the negative votes are familiar. Lack of cleanliness, long lines, employee incompetence, inefficient facilities, few restaurants, overpriced shops and much more. Internet criticism listings are unlimited on the subject, depending on many factors. Of course, a senior traveler may have a bad experience at the best airport, as well as a satisfying one at the worst.

It all depends on weather, traffic, security and, of course, having a lucky or unlucky day. However, the bottom line is that most of us don’t have much choice in airports. We can’t fly from the best ones if they’re hundreds or thousands of miles away. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, we usually must fly in and out of our hometown field. So, have a safe, satisfying next flight! For more info, www.maxim.com/news/best-and-worst-airports-in-america

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