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Not too old to remember when checking a bag before flights cost $5. Now, every time I go the fee jumps from $20, $40 and up. How do I deal with it next time I fly? MCJ, Portland OR

A: It’ll get even more costly as airlines keep advertising low, low ticket specials, while seeking other ways to make money. Some now charge for carry-on small bags you once stuffed for free in the overhead or under your seat.

Of course, the best answer is travel light, take no bags, and stash everything into a coat you wear with lots of inside and outside pockets. You’ll not only save money, but also avoid the frustrating delays after the flight lands, and must wait while the baggage carousel goes round and round forever.

When planning future flights, first always get the latest info on bag rules and fees from your airline. That includes charges you can pay in advance online and other possible time- and money-saving options.

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