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Help My Aging Mind And Body Cope With Long Flights PDF Print E-mail

Q: I need to fly frequently, but as I get older the ordeal becomes more and more uncomfortable, both physically and mentally. I still have another five years of frequent business travel before I retire. Any suggestions on how I can cope? MJMcC, Portland OR

A: Try meditation. Block out aircraft noise, confusion and discomfort. Look for local services that teach the ancient practice, and/or scan online meditation websites for instructions. There are also basic ways to pass the long flight time with smartphones and other portable electronics in your ears and eyes. Fill them with prerecorded books, music and videos. And don’t forget to bring a brimmed hat or cap you can pull down over your eyes to blot out the crowded, noisy aisles and seats around you.

Q: Is It OK To Travel In Hong Kong? PDF Print E-mail

Our local seniors group plans a trip to the Chinese city in the next several months, but I keep reading about the daily demonstrations. I use a cane and in OK physical shape for my advanced years, but fearful. I may be out on the city streets when an out-of-control mob and cop confrontation gets to me. Suggestions? MPL, Houston TX

A: Considering the ongoing Hong Kong troubles, reconsider joining the trip. So far, the demonstrations have been mostly non-violent, but growing and louder numbers nightly are causing more serious police actions. Unfortunately, the confrontations may get dangerously violent.

Maybe try to convince your group to choose a more peaceful Pacific destination, such as Singapore, Seoul, Manila, Honolulu or Shanghai.

Q: OK To Pin A Fake Helper Badge On My Traveling Dog? PDF Print E-mail

I know I’m supposed to register Millie as an official emotional support dog. For the past five years, she’s gone everywhere with me as a daily helper. Now we’re both invited on a sea cruise next month with my church group. We have to fly to the seaport, and I’m worried the airline will not let Millie on the flight with me. What should I do? PPK, Branson MO

A: Because lately there have been too many air passengers who fake all kinds of animals with them as legit companions, airlines are getting more strict. You’ll be able to take Millie, but make it legal. First, check with your doctor to get written proof of your needing help. Also there are all kinds of internet info on how to legally register Millie, including: www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/aug/12/fake-emotional-support-animals-service-dogs

Q: Fond Atlantic City Memories, But Is It OK To Visit Now? PDF Print E-mail

All the news about rising street crime, bankruptcies and closing down of hotels and casinos in recent years have scared me away from AC. However, I recall as a kid how much fun it was in the 1940s and 50s. Steel Pier, Miss America, sunny beaches, the Boardwalk and salt water taffy. Do you think it’s ok to visit now with grandkids? RLB. Philadelphia PA

A: Despite the closing down of some casino hotels and other issues, Atlantic City is safe enough for savvy visitors. To be most secure for you and grandkids, do Boardwalk strolls and beach time during the day. Walk in well-lighted areas at night, and during day nor night, don’t wander into the residential areas beyond the Boardwalk.

Q: Should We Visit Hong Kong This Autumn? PDF Print E-mail

Since our retirement a decade ago, we’ve done a lot of traveling. France, Hawaii, Las Vegas and our favorite annual trip, Hong Kong. However, according to recent news, there’s a big street riot there almost every day and night. And they may to be getting more violent. What’s your opinion? LFMcN, Houston TX

A: Hong Kong has long been considered one of the world’s safest for visitors. However, since the mainland China government took over the city, there have been more and more street demonstrations. Visiting these days isn’t extra dangerous, except if you find yourself in the middle of a protest demonstration or march with police on the scene.

So, when you plan to venture out to eat, drink or shop, stay away from riot locations. Before you wander, ask hotel employees for up-to-date info on disturbance areas and when to avoid them.


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