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Now even we oldsters wander around with those little hand-held phones. Very convenient, but it means we’ve joined the ranks of those in danger of having them stolen right out of our hands.

Called Apple picking, thieves run up to people distracted when listening or talking their phones, grab the devices and run away. A tragic example happened in Las Vegas just the other day, when two robbers tried to steal an iPhone from a teenager. He held on while they dragged him, eventually killing him with their car.

There are hundreds of other similar incidents every day, where vulnerable and distracted elderly people have their cell phones snatched out of their hands. However, there are many ways to protect yourself when you want to make a call, by first finding a safe spot in a store or restaurant with many people around you. Also, when not using your cell phone, keep it in an inside pocket, preferably one with a buttoned flap. However, incoming calls may find you out in the open and answering without being aware of potential danger. Senior reaction times are not as quick as they once were, and thieves are very aware of it. Do your best to avoid Apple picking, but if the worst happens, don’t risk injury or death fighting back.

Stealing cell phone may soon become very risky for thieves. As technology improves, there are ways to implant codes in your phone that will allow, especially if you're walking with another phone user, to take quick action. By calling a number, the stolen phone can be tracked by GPS when the thief tries to use or sell it and/or render it useless.

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