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Stashing all your stuff in your carry-on when you fly because you want to avoid paying for luggage has a hazard. There’s not much anti-thievery protection after you put it in an overhead bin.

Bags are especially vulnerable after landing during the passenger rush to exit. Anyone can grab the wrong carry-on, whether by error or intentional stealing. You can protect your bag in the overhead by keeping your eyes on the section where yours is stashed during the flight. Then be especially on the alert when other passengers are taking theirs out at the end of the flight.

Another solution to take some of the worry of having your carry-on stolen is to keep all your valuables on you. When you fly, wear a jacket with many pockets that can hold your money, jewelry, passports, iPhone and other stuff you don’t want to lose. If you’re traveling with a laptop and other handbag, keep it on your lap or under your seat.

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