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According to Yahoo Travel reports, chances of being ripped off in Europe are highest in Barcelona, Paris, Rome, London, Amsterdam and Naples. Other world cities on the street crime list are Rio de Janeiro, Lima, Capetown, New Orleans and Las Vegas.

There was no mention in the report of Asian cities with the same problems. From our experiences and reports by friends and associates, we’d guess Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo, Hanoi  and Beijing.

These days a favorite street crime against tourists is called Apple Picking. It’s more prevalent than purse-snatching, because distracted visitors hold their little phone/photo boxes up to their ears without paying attention to surroundings. They make it easy for thieves to just grab and run.

Older people can be the most attractive targets, because they tend to be slow to react when confronted with a sudden grab. Avoid it happening to you by being constantly aware of your surroundings, especially in cities with high street crime statistics.

Keep your electronic phone/camera device tightly in your hand, preferably in a case that has a strap you can keep wrapped around your wrist. If a grab happens, it isn’t always wise to fight back. You can always get another phone, but if you fall during a struggle or the thief is violent, you could be injured or worse. Stay alert!


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