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While we mostly agree with 19 of them, we beg to differ with number 12, listed as fearing street food. CNN insists that’s a big mistake for timid travelers. (http://www.cnn.com/2013/08/02/travel/20-travel-mistakes/index.html?hpt=hp_bn10)

About avoiding street food, CNN says, “No one wants to get sick on vacation, but why travel all the way to Thailand or Mexico and not eat the local grub? The locals don't like food poisoning any more than you do. If they're in line, consider the place vetted and assume you're going to be fine”.

Maybe that advice applies to younger travelers, with iron tummies strengthened by growing up scarfing Big Macs and Taco Bells. Ask any senior about sensitivity to extra spicy dishes and exotic half-raw seafood, along with possible unsanitary conditions.

When on cruises and other travels, including in U.S. cities, we never eat street foods. It doesn’t matter how clean the stalls seem to be, or the fact that the items are dipped in boiling water or bubbling lard. It just isn’t worth the possible stomach churning sessions that may result.

Why take even a slim chance of spending every hour of the next days hopping around in agony while desperately seeking a nearby toilet (preferably a clean one)? Senior travel is to be enjoyed in good health, not a game of bowel-betting Russian roulette.

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