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This sailing season is the best for senior travelers to find attractive bargains. That includes those of us who have the luxury (and retirement income) to make quick decisions on hitting the road, sky and ocean.

From now until end-of-year holidays, seasonal business is off everywhere for hotels, cruise lines and airlines. Kids are in school and working adults back at their daily grind. Wandering seniors are now the best source of income for the travel industry. Prices are much lower than during the busy summer season, and empty seats, beds and bunks make industry executives very nervous.

Among the best bargains available now are those involving last-minute bookings. Travel beancounters realize airplanes and cruise ships must depart on schedule, even when not fully booked. This means they need to lower their prices, enticing seniors, their best source of last-minute bookers.

If you fit the image and have the free time and available funds, look into the possibilities. Check with your favorite hometown or online travel agency, as well as the many websites that offer last-minute travel. They include travelzoo.com, lastminutetravel.com and kayak.com.

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