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The world-renowned travel expert, PBS TV star and fellow senior offers common-sense advice on visiting foreign nations. Simply put, we should heed the lyrics of the vintage Aretha Franklin song and include respect in our traveling behavior.

We’ve personally heeded his advice for years, and found our travels more economical and pleasant. One absolute is to prepare before we depart. As Rick suggests, once we’ve chosen a foreign destination, we use internet research extensively to learn about local customs, government, history, religions, monetary values, transportation and at least some basics of the language.

Now, with the continuing sophistication of electronic devices, we install apps with upgraded information into our hand-held digital SmartPhones. One of the most useful is to have the country’s map on our Global Positioning System, so we can instantly check where we’re located at all times, load up on current info and to plan our next moves. 

Most important, following Rick’s teachings, we try to reach beyond tourist mentality and actually get to know the people. We search out the authentic cafes, following the old advice: dine where local families eat. We avoid the Ugly American image of flashy clothing, loud demanding orders and superior attitude, and actually talk with people. Try it and your travels will be that much more enjoyable.

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