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Don’t Check Your Luggage On Flights ... Wear It! PDF Print E-mail

USNews & World Report had a recent article about how to cut airfare costs, suggesting you wear your luggage. We’ve been practicing and preaching that for a long time!

By not checking your bags, you can save from $25 to $100 per flight. Now, as baggage fees continue to rise, some airlines also charge for carry-ons. To avoid the costs, the most convenient way these days is to travel with a backpack, plus a jacket that has many roomy inside and outside pockets. Added to your boarding outfit can be cargo pants, also with at least two large pockets.

Wearing it all may make you look like a D-Day paratrooper or the Incredible Bulk, but it saves money. It also allows you to move around hands-free until boarding. Then, you can slide the backpack under the seat. Additionally, take along a large, empty plastic bag, so that after landing, you can put some big stuff into it to make your taxi, bus or car ride more comfortable. 

Another benefit is that you’ll no longer be forced to wait tense minutes at the luggage pick-up carousel after your flight, hoping your bag isn’t lost. More important is knowing nothing valuable has mysteriously disappeared from checked bags during the journey.

Maybe the old slogan of travel light should be revised to travel heavy, as long as you can wear it.

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