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The recent shootings in the Los Angeles International Airport, one of the busiest in the world, should be a reminder. When experiencing a similar emergency, senior travelers need to apply personal safety actions.

Here are some simple tips.

1. Be alert to your environment at all times. Keep your eyes on what’s going on around you. If you’re traveling with companions, be sure one of you is awake, listening to announcements and viewing the surroundings at all times. Don’t hesitate to report suspicious behavior to authorities. It’s preferable to be mistaken, rather than dead.

2. When you hear a loud disturbance, especially if it sounds like gunfire, react quickly. Immediately get as low as possible. Lie flat or put yourself behind benches or other obstruction. Resist the urge to run, because you could be caught in a dangerously violent stampede of frightened people through the terminal and doorways. By staying in a safe place, you also reduce the risk of losing your carry-on in the mass confusion.

3. Cooperate fully with authorities. Police and airport security people are trained to react to emergencies. If you’re caught in a sudden gunfire incident, it’s usually best to wait at a safe spot until you’re told to follow directions, and then do it as quickly as possible.


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