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In this busy travel time of the year, airline customers have to be especially vigilant. Recent news reports, along with disturbing evidence from airport security cameras, tell the shocking story. They revealed airline employees stealing money and other valuable items from checked luggage at New York’s JFK terminal.

While this type of thievery is rare, there are always similar stories emerging from other airports throughout the world. The temptation is highest in seasons when passengers are carrying more money, jewelry, electronics, gifts and other valuables. For savvy senior travelers, there are simple ways to avoid unnecessary losses. If you must check bags, be sure there’s nothing valuable in them. Carry wallets, purses, money, jewelry, I.D. cards and electronics aboard with you. Stash them in a carry-on bag or knapsack that fits under your seat, or in the overhead space. For even better security, wear clothing with many pockets, preferably each with zippers and/or buttons.

Military style jackets and overcoats with both inside and outside pockets, and cargo pants can hold most valuable items in their many pockets. On long flights, when you need to be more comfortable, you can take off the jacket or overcoat and keep it on your lap.

You won’t look like a fashion plate in your bulked up outerwear, but you’ll arrive at your destination with all valuables safely intact.

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