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A few days ago, a travel4seniors.com staff member complained of being groped by an overly-friendly costumed character on Hollywood Boulevard. Recent news articles reported similar incidents on New York’s Broadway. 

Street performing was once a respected tradition. Mimes, poets and musicians have roamed the roads for centuries. That was before photography. Then costumed performers earned money by posing with tourists. Today everyone has a digital camera, so snapping is much more frequent and with instant results. Street people hate tourists taking selfies with them without tipping.

Street people want to be paid, and if they, their costumes and performances are original and entertaining, they should be tipped. It’s not required, of course, but as with a waiter or bellhop, a gift of a dollar or two is a kindly appreciation for a service.

Usually, when street performers approach us, we say directly, “No, thank you,” and continue on our way. However, if the experience is worthwhile, we stop, shoot and pay.

As for being groped aggressively, such incidents should be reported immediately to the nearest police. There’s no excuse for such behavior. However, before you run screaming for help, consider the source. Many street performers are from different cultures. To them, mild pinching and stroking may not be considered offensive. Finally, if you don’t want to be groped, keep your vulnerable body parts away from the potential groper.


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