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It seems there are more all the time. Buying an airline ticket once cost just one price. You pay it, check your luggage free and climb aboard. Today, the airfare can be just a small part of what you pay when it includes large bags, personal schedule changes, on-board food (bring your own!) and other add-ons.

The same growing list of add-ons now happen with hotels and resorts. For example, your travel agent quotes you a special fee of $99 a night. Then, when you go to the front desk to pay the bill, you’ll be told you actually must pay $120 or more.

While you stand there in ignorance, the clerk firmly informs the senile senior there’s a city tax, resort fee, pool fee, as well as towel and beach chair charges. Added may be bed turn-down and DVD fees. And don’t forget that you mistakenly opened the room refrig and it automatically charged you. Even if you didn’t take out and drink one of the $10 sodas, the add-on is $5 or more.

Travel4Seniors.com continuously suggests ways to keep costs down, such as flying with carry-ons and stuffing as much as possible in multi-pocket clothing. If you don’t need to check any bags, the savings can add up to from $25 to $100 each flight.

In the most costly of the growing lists of charges, avoid flying with oversized suitcases. You could save from $175 to $300 per flight on unnecessarily large luggage. If you have the time, ship the big bags and bulky souvenirs you acquire on your trips. We won’t even mention the frustrating problems when checked bags too frequently get lost as you wait at the baggage merry-go-round.

When booking for air, sea and land travel needs, always consider the ever-growing lists of extra charges, and find ways to avoid as many as possible. For example, some easiest to skip are $50 or higher penalties for not using the internet to make reservations. You also pay another $50 or more when you need to change your schedule after the initial booking was made.

The simplest way to save is to establish a close relationship with your travel agent. When you’re quoted a super-savings price for airfare, hotel stay or all-inclusive package, simply say, “OK, great deal, but I want the actual total price. Please explain each add-on fee and tell me how much out-of-pocket money it will cost.” Then look over the list and say, “And now tell me how to avoid any or all of those #$%¶∞ø add-ons.”


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