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Maybe many of us from a bygone era are just too doggone brainwashed, and meekly accept an airline’s apology for a schedule foul-up. However, that doesn’t mean only complaining business flyers should get reimbursed for airline troubles.

If it happens to you, and the only response from the airline is an insincere apology letter, stand up for your rights. You paid for a service, and it was poorly supplied or not performed at all. By direct contact with the airline or through your travel agent, you should demand some form of compensation.

So sorry isn’t good enough. Apply the old cliché, the squeaky wheel gets the most oil. Therefore, with a legitimate complaint, you may get a greased, oily palm. It coud be in the form of cash refund, free or discounted future flights, upgraded seating and/or loyalty points. Of course, because of weather, mechanical problems and other excuses, the airline may turn you down. However, as smart  seniors often reply: It couldn’t hurt to ask!

For current rules on delayed or cancelled flights, go to www.usa.gov/topics/travel/air/resolve-problems/flight.shtml

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