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According to recent USA Today reports, many airline fees, already making air travel more and more expensive, will rise even higher as this year’s travel season warms up. For example, Delta now requires as much as $400 to change a ticket on some international flights, more than double the fee from several years ago.

It now costs as much as $450 for a 71- to 100-pound checked bag for some of American’s international flights. On United and Hawaiian, its a slightly less $400. Other airlines have similarly higher add-ons for luggage and formerly low-fee or free features, and the costly song and dance routine continues almost daily.

Many seasoned citizens remember when a reasonably-priced airline ticket was an all-inclusive purchase, and travel didn’t require being frisked like a criminal before boarding. However, the new wave of increasing airline pricing has little or nothing to do with security nor better service. 

It's more of a modern version of the old carnival barker pitch. The USA Today report reveals that extra fees have become important income-building sources for airlines. The add-on charges bring billions in profits annually, thus continuing the blatant supply-and-demand incentive for profit-minded airline beancounters to increase prices for every possible service.

For seniors who fly frequently, there are ways to reduce or eliminate some of the extra charges. Use your internet travel site resources to learn all current facts about add-ons and how they’re applied. Consult your travel agent when making flight plans, so you’re fully aware of all potential money-saving options.

For more information, go to www.usatoday.com/story/travel/columnist/hobica/2013/12/03/how-to-avoid-airline-fees/3815627


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