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It happens to all of us, age one or 100, whether around the corner from home or around the world. Ya gotta go, especially if you’ve just eaten a strange fried food from a native street cart.

The urgent question is: Where’s the restroom? Here are just a few examples senior travelers may need.

Spanish: ¿Dónde están los aseos? French: Où sont les toilettes? German: wo ist die Toilette? Chinese Cantonese: Chiso hai bindough a? Danish: Hvor er toilettet? Hebrew: Eifo ha'sheirutim? Turkey: Tuvalet nerede? England/Scotland/Ireland: Where’s the loo? Brooklyn: Hey, I gotta go real bad!

Note: Before visiting foreign lands, learn native phrases and pronunciations to request this vital need. Additionally, before you travel, ask your agent or check the internet about the latest in safe, personal needs. Always carry emergency supplies, such as toilet paper, paper seat covers, sanitizing wipes, underwear lining and other hygiene items.

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