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Have you seen the recent “Last Vegas” movie about four seniors who meet in Sin City to talk over old times when they grew up together 50 years ago in Brooklyn? The the actors, all Academy Award winners, seemed to enjoy their Vegas experience as if a script weren’t needed.

If Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline had such a great time, consider doing the same. To get started, think of favorite companions from school, fraternity, sorority, family or branch of service. It could also be people who worked with you all those years at the next bench, counter or desk.

Check with your travel agent or consult a Las Vegas hotel and start forming plans. Once you’ve put a rough package together, send it to those long-ago pals and suggest you agree on a schedule, and then do your own “Last Vegas.” Remember: at your age, the title may actually be all too true.

For some hints on planning the gathering, a no-obligation website is www.military.com/Resources/ResourceSubmittedFileView?file=reunions_how_to_plan.htm

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