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We’ve all experienced it in the air. Already stressed from fighting traffic jams to the airport, being frisked thru security and trying to stow an oversized bag into the stuffed overhead, you’re not in the mood to chat.

However, if you fly often enough, it’s inevitable that an intruding and annoying seatmate will get to you. Here are several ways to deal with the yakking pest:

1. First, try to be considerate. Have a 30-second conversation, then conclude it with words that are clearly final. For example, say you’re very tired and need to nap. Then smile, turn away deliberately, put on a sleep mask and relax.

2. Headphones always blot them out. When you squeeze the ear pieces on, they indicate you’re into your own world of Bach, Beethoven or Bebop, and any more attempts at conversation will be ignored. 3. Pretend to sleep. Yawn, lean back and close your eyes. If added to the headphone gesture, your hint becomes a command to your seatmate to bug off!

4. Excuse yourself, turn away and pretend to work on your laptop or engage in (or fake it) a serious smartphone conversation.

5. Express to the annoying seatmate that it was nice talking for a few moments, then explain that you want to watch video, either on your smartphone or airplane screen in front of you.

6. Try a last request to avoid losing your cool if the seatmate contiues blabbing. Just politely tell the pest firmly you don’t want to talk sports, ungrateful kids, unfaithful spouses, genius grandkids, politics, twerking nor the Kardashians.

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