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It happened again! A recent flight from Fort Lauderdale with a change in Las Vegas arrived too late for us to get our scheduled hop to Los Angeles. It was five hours before we could catch the next one. After useless griping at the airline front desk, what could we tired senior travelers do?

Of course, one choice is to check into an airport motel. We’ve done that several times because of long delays, but is it worth it to pay $100 or more to use a bed for just a few hours? When we’re sure the wait will be no more than four hours, we opt to brave it out in the waiting area.  

Whatever the season, unexpected airport delays happen. Here are some ideas on how to ease the waiting situation without spending money nor being uncomfortably squeezed: Away from the madding crowd: After you know when your next flight is scheduled, get away from the busiest part of the waiting area. Find a quiet bench or hallway to stretch out as comfortably as possible. Use a coat and backpack for body and head comfort. Some savvy senior fliers bring fold-up sleeping pads, slippers and lightweight blankets for more comfy airport delays.

Escape noise and glare: Carry the latest smartphone gear with noise-reducing headphones. It’ll not only bring you music or a good Ebook to read, but can also block out unwanted airport clatter and chatter.

Also have a soft cloth eye mask to assure you of blessed darkness for a snooze, whether for hours or just a 30-minute catnap. Have an alarm clock feature on your watch or smartphone, and set it to alert you in time to get to your flight.

Bathroom breaks: Airports are not exactly as clean as hospital operating rooms. You’ll need to use the toilet and wash up. Bring sanitized wipes, hand cream, toothbrush and paste. And just to make sure, pack some face tissues and toilet paper.

Change of clothing: While you’re in the bathroom, you may feel the need to put on clean underwear and socks. If your entire journey, including airport waits, spans 12 hours or more, it may worthwhile to face the world refreshed. Some airports, for a price, offer showers.

Medications: Many senior air travelers must always carry prescriptions, lotions, first aid and other needs. Be sure you have more than a 24-hour supply, just in case you’re stranded for a longer time than expected.

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