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Your travel4seniors.com editor has a long aviation history, but lately he has air travel concerns. Decades ago, flying in clunky old Navy SNJs, PBYs, R4Ds and other vintage craft never bothered him. However, now in advanced years, he needs to fight getting white knuckles and knocking knees in the air.

If you suffer the same problem, maybe a recent U.S. News and Yahoo article can help ease the fears on your next flight. (www.yahoo.com/travel/afraid-of-flying-heres-how-to-relax-from-the-experts-87346726697) Consider a few quick hints for overcoming pteromerhanophobia (fear of flying). Recognize your concerns and confront them. Simply understand why you’re afraid and realize there’s no valid reason. Don’t let fear make you cancel a flight. It will be more difficult the next time you need to travel.

It may help to distract your fearful mind by talking it over. Your editor eases fear of flying while waiting in airports by conversations with travel companions anticipating upcoming cruises, resorts, camping, entertainment and other pleasant subjects. 

Therefore, fellow senior travelers, don’t let fear beat you. Next time you fly, settle into your airline seat, clip on headphones, listen to soothing music, sit back and relax. The next thing you know, the captain announces you’ve landed in Vegas, Monaco or Macau. Then, the only fear is that your pockets won’t be deep enough for stuffing in all your winnings.

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