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Gershwin wrote: Summertime and the livin’ is easy. However, summer drivin’ may not be that easy for seniors. Whether on a major toll road, country lane or busy city street, the harsh truth is once you’re past age 55, reaction times get slower and eyesight dimmer each year. Seniors need to stay within speed limits and be increasingly alert behind the wheel.

According to the Harris study, a major cause of highway traffic accidents these days and nights is connected to effects of aging. Additionally, nearly half of older drivers still use printed maps exclusively, unwilling to deal with those newfangled electronic gadgets. Whether reading a map or squinting at GPS displays, distractions cause older eyes to veer away from the road. Then, when danger threatens, reaction time and visual focus are not as quick as they once were.

Don’t take unnecessary risks while driving, especially on extended hours-long highway treks. If necessary to find the turn-off to a specific road or next motel, pull out of traffic to do your GPS or map research in safety.

Harris also reports that more than 60% of drivers surveyed claim their GPS has often steered them wrong. Sometimes, it may be best to seek help at a local gas station for the right information. For updated road statistics, go to www.harrisinteractive.com

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