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All air travelers have to endure it ... an interrupted journey because Mother Nature or other factors cause troubles at exactly the worst moment. It could be a hurricane, riot, earthquake, snowstorm, hurricane, cancelled flight, missed connection or any other unexpected and unwelcome situation.

Smart senior travelers do everything possible beforehand to be prepared for all contingencies. Along with usual traveling gear, they pack a compact disaster kit to have in pocket or carry-on bag for when it may become quickly necessary.

The kit should include small flashlight, water, snacks, emergency cash, IDs, prescriptions and other med supplies. Of course, be totally up-to-date by carrying the latest electronic doohickey. Smart seniors have a multi-use smartphone, portable charger and extra batteries. That long airport wait can be relieved by reading the latest Ebook, scanning current news or viewing a favorite classic movie, such as the comedy, Airport.

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