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With the usual summer price hikes, plus escalating problems in the Middle East, U.S. drivers can expect the already grossly inflated cost of gas at the pump to continue to rise. However, there are smart ways to save on driving costs.

Shop Gas Stations: Before filling up, check online for the best current prices in your area through such websites as www.gasbuddy.com. Also, because gas sign listings may change daily, fill up on Mondays and Tuesdays, because prices are often bumped up for weekends.

Car pool: Whether on a vacation trip or quick drive to the market, get together with neighbors, friends and/or nearby family members. At first it may spoil your lone driver freedom, but after getting used to it, enjoy the companionship. Walk It Off: As a teenager, did you cruise in your $400 Chevy, just to show how cool you were? That’s when filling ‘er up was 25¢ a gallon. Now that gas prices are exponentially higher and rising, try hoofing it wherever and whenever possible. Or, ready to get back on that bike again?

Dinner And Movie At Home: The ultimate battle against high gas prices. Money saved when you don't need to drive, park, dine out and buy movie tickets really adds up. Cook at home or eat take-out, then sit back, turn on the TV and watch classic travel tales on DVD, such as: Around The World In 80 Days (1956), Easy Rider (1969), National Lampoon Vacation (1983) and/or Rain Man (1988).

Ease On Down The Road: Government stats report each 5 mph you speed over 60 mph adds 24¢ a gallon. For every 10 gallons in the tank, a smart driver can save enough for a Big Mac and a Coke. www.fueleconomy.gov

Keep A Healthy Car: Do tune-ups, oil changes and tire rotations at least twice a year. Now that you’re a senior, do you really need a huge SUV any more? Consider giving up the gas-guzzler for a more economical ride. If your kids have already flown the nest, get a smaller, cheaper, environmentally-friendly car.

Cruise Vacation: If you live near a port city, for your next trip, consider an ocean voyage. With inflated gas prices affecting your plans for long driving and flying vacations, choose an all-inclusive cruise. Do some research and compare prices.

Let Your Voice Be Heard: Because of never-ending wars, corrupt politics and oil cartel greed, out-of-control gas prices and resulting inflation will continue. However, too many senior citizens just hunker down, gripe and pay whatever the overpriced sign on the pump demands.

Therefore, in addition to using less gasoline, speak up to elected politicians and oil companies. Declare how you feel with that famous line from the movie Network: I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take (pay) it any more!

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